Pendidikan karakter melalui rekonstruksi pendidikan agama

Muhammad Ali Sibram, Malisi (2014) Pendidikan karakter melalui rekonstruksi pendidikan agama. Tarbiyatuna: Pendidikan Agama Islam, 4 (1). pp. 1-21. ISSN 2089-2713

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Education in indonesia is more focused on cognitive intellectual development alone, while aspects of the soft skills or non-academis as the main element of character education is not considered optimal even if it may be said to be ignored. Currently, there is tendency that the academic targets remains a primary goal of educational outcomes, as well as the national Examination (UN), so that the character education process will be difficult. Factor causing aberrant behavior, including lax grip on religion, lack of effective moral development conducted household, school and community, the swift current materialistic culture, hedonistic and secularistic, the absence of a genuine willingness to moral development. It thus further compounded by the presence of most of the ruling elite who act solely pursuing the position, opportunities, wealth, etc. in ways that do not educate, such as corruption, collusion and nepotism that until now there has been no sign of the missing.
Character education academically defined as the value of education, character education, moral education, character education , wich aim to develop the ability of learners to provide good-bad decision, maintaining that what is good, and realize that kindness in everyday life with a vengeance.
Pattern reconstruction of religious education includes two issues, first, with regard to the real situation of systems thinking and system of Islamic education. Secondly, with regard to the reconstruction of science as an alternative to what we have to do in reconstructing the Islamic education System. The first reconstruction, religious education paradigm shift in education. Development of cultural acceptance conscious attitude toward changed, and we must adapt to these changes if we want to survive. The second reconstruction , the learning process updates. The third reconstruction, integrated pattern. Reconstruction fourt, perform a variety of educational innovations related to religious education, both formal and informal. Reconstruction fiht, teach conflict resolution.

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